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Ditch spreadsheets, whiteboards and endless phone calls. 
With LaborChart your team can gain back precious time & sanity.

Manpower Management made simple

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Streamline your entire teams involvement in helping your processes run more efficiently.

Tags & Certifications

Easily manage employees certifications and tag project requirements.

Dispatch & Notify

Handle all your communication in one hub, keeping everyone up to speed on critical info.


Real time, dynamic assignment views make managing manpower easier than ever.

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Very few things come along in one's career that change everything. Like CAD, LaborChart is one of them.
Gary Fuchs
VP of Construction - Westphal & Company, Inc
I love the fact that LaborChart allows for a central point of information through the team setup, tags, work history, and notes.
Rocky Rose
Trades Manager - Turner Construction
LaborChart has streamlined the way we control manpower and manage project details. It’s been an incredible tool for not only our field superintendent, but our entire staff.
Michael Mulizio
Preferred Electric
When we compare the "before" and "after," LaborChart is a no-brainer.
Chief Project Delivery Officer - Sprig Electric
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Sprig Electric

San jose, Ca

Westphal & Company

madison, wi


huntsville, al
Your Company, Your Data

Accurately Measure the Past &
Forecast Tomorrow with CONFIDENCE

LaborChart is your time machine to snapshots of days past or 10,000 foot views of years to come. Managing all your assignment and manpower needs in one place with ultimate control over how you want to see your data will give your organization a new capacity to learn from past patterns and predict future problems before they arise. 

Generations of Experience

With 4 generations of construction experience fueling our founder’s efforts to create a solution for the manpower problems he faced in the industry, our primary focus will always remain the needs of our clients.

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