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The LaborChart Story

For as long as Ben Schultz can remember, workforce management had been a thorn in the construction industry’s side. As a fourth generation electrical contractor, he’s seen almost every attempt at a solution—outdated spreadsheets, inconvenient whiteboards and unorganized databases.

He also noticed that the construction industry was evolving. Cloud-based ERPs, HRIS, CRM, and project management solutions were being adopted. New industry standards were being set—but none for construction resource management.

That’s why, in 2014, Ben set out to build something special. His mission was simple: create the leading workforce management solution for the construction industry.

Ben’s vision came to life when he met soon-to-be CTO, Hunter Browning. Their collision resulted in LaborChart, an easy-to-use, dynamic platform that has been adopted by hundreds of general and specialty contractors worldwide.

This is just the beginning. Every day, the LaborChart team gathers feedback to inform new features, functionalities and integrations in order to build the world’s best workforce management solution.

Join us for the ride.

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