Our Story

As a former electrical contractor, our CEO created LaborChart from a recognized need in the construction industry—a more efficient way to manage workforce operations. 

As our platform was built, we took the most widely-used workforce management solutions—including spreadsheets, whiteboards, and databases—and created one comprehensive solution. What we created was a clean, simple platform for construction businesses to manage resource scheduling, forecasting, budget, office-to-field communication, and more.

Now, we serve contractors all over the world—small to large—and across all construction trades.

Our Solution

LaborChart organizes your largest and most valuable company asset–your workforce– into one secure platform. Including, all pertinent information about your workforce–such as certifications, locations, hourly rates, and skill sets.

Here are some of the ways our customers have said we’ve helped them:

  • Saved our company time, in turn, saving money
  • Delivered on what they say they can do
  • Proved it’s needed in the construction industry
  • Become a true partner
  • Helped staff understand projects and resources better
  • Streamlined job duties

High-level overview to share with others:

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What LaborChart Does