Electrical Contractor Discovers Scheduling Support with Workforce Management

An RDS Electric project at sunrise.

Electrical Contractor Seeks Consistency

To be the best managed electrical contractor in Arizona — that’s the mission for RDS Electric and one their team has strived to live out for over 40 years. RDS Electric is committed to providing the Glendale, Ariz. community with quality electrical service through longevity in relationships, integrity and dependability. As the company has grown over the years, Jennifer Swier-Uden, CEO, has always sought improvement in consistent messaging and scheduling across the organization as they scaled.  

“Construction workforce management is the process of how we think about our labor moving forward, an opportunity for us to figure out what our workforce needs will be while also keeping in mind what our building needs will be to hit our sales targets.” - Jennifer Swier-Uden, CEO, RDS Electric 

Pursuing a Single Source of Truth

Swier-Uden wanted to lead her team towards cohesion to improve morale and provide the best service to customers. However, using several resources, like spreadsheets to schedule and forecast for their team, proved to be difficult and inconsistent. With no way to track projects, burn rates or hours used per employee, the team knew there had to be a better way. In the pursuit of a professional, single source of truth, Swier-Uden and her team sought out a way to consistently track their workforce. 

“Workforce management becomes more apparent as you get larger in people and volume. You have a lot more moving pieces and it’s harder to manage with the old tools that used to work for a certain size that no longer work anymore. It’s just that simple — you have to figure out a way to streamline the process in order to grow, change and figure out a better way.” - Jennifer Swier-Uden, CEO, RDS Electric

Discovering Workforce Management

When the RDS Electric team connected with a peer group and asked around about scheduling solutions, they discovered a current LaborChart customer who was managing their workforce in a global, scalable atmosphere. Swier-Uden and her team got to know about not only the cloud-based platform but also the practice of successful workforce management (WFM). The RDS Electric team unlocked the solution they were looking for, quickly realizing the possibilities for their organization, from scheduling and forecasting to communication and burn rates.  

“My favorite part of the workforce management platform is the ability to centralize the information together. My management team has a way to communicate in a systemized way, easy to access for everybody. It allows us to be able to see what today’s needs are, but also to see next month, next year, this job, the next job. It’s really given us the flexibility we didn’t know we needed.” - Jennifer Swier-Uden, CEO, RDS Electric 

Looking Forward to the WFM Future

Once RDS Electric found cloud-based construction WFM, they knew their future was brighter. With digital WFM, communication can be done professionally and instantaneously, which is crucial for a company that offers 24/7 service. Though their WFM journey is just starting, Swier-Uden already acknowledges that they could never go backwards. As they focus on developing and improving their team, Swier-Uden is excited for the opportunity to create long-term relationships with all of their team to ensure a strong future for RDS Electric. 

Swier-Uden and her team look forward to unlocking further capabilities as they continue their workforce management journey. 

Watch RDS Electric’s WFM Testimony: 

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RDS Electric has been committed to bringing quality electrical service to the Glendale, AZ area for over 40 years. Focused on longevity in relationships, integrity and dependability on every job, RDS is built on the foundation of customer appreciation and family values. From commercial, industrial and residential jobs to sports stadiums and renewable energy, every project is performed with safety and high standards.
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