Integrating LaborChart with Procore Reduces Errors and Creates Efficiencies

A NRG Services electrical contracting van in front of Australia mountains.
The Problem

NRG Services is based in Toowoomba City in Queensland, Australia, and provides electrical, mechanical, communications, building services and facilities maintenance solutions for the construction, civil mining and energy industries. From working on hospitals and schools to sports fields and hotels, their work is diverse and requires a high level of organization. 

Procore Recommended Workforce Management Software

Established in 2012, their staff has grown quickly and have historically managed their workforce on a spreadsheet with one person having access to make edits. NRG houses their documents, drawings and other operational materials in Procore, a construction project management software. NRG had their operations side of the business under control but needed help managing their workforce. Fully integrated with LaborChart, Procore recommended the cloud-based workforce management platform as a solution. 

LaborChart, a Procore Company + Procore
The Solution

Integrating Procore with LaborChart 

Tim O’Neill, Operations Manager, Building and Support Services at NRG Services took Procore’s recommendation into consideration but wanted to see for himself. Aer completing a systems analysis of their business and future possibilities, O’Neill noticed LaborChart's continuous development, easy user experience and benefits of being able to tag different workers with their appropriate skills and certifications. 

NRG recognized the workforce management possibilities LaborChart would create for their business, but also the bigger picture. By integrating LaborChart with Procore, they’d be able to sync all of their projects between both systems and eliminate duplicate entry, reduce data entry errors and create a holistic view of their people, projects and more. 

The Results

Seamless Project and Resource Management Experience

By having all of their systems integrated and speaking to one another, NRG is 95% paperless as a business. They went from 20 project managers combing through spreadsheets for a few hours in a room, attempting to figure out where the pieces to their workforce management puzzle went, to more of a review meeting that saves roughly 20 management hours each week. 

Graphic with a puzzle piece image and the text stating: LaborChart is the workforce management puzzle piece NRG Services was looking for.

With LaborChart, their review meeting gives NRG a four-week look ahead and has turned into a proactive meeting where their leadership team discusses where they’re at versus wondering what’s next. This is not only a big advantage for their business as a whole, but also their workers in the field. As a younger-aged company, NRG knows their people are starting families and have other things going on. With LaborChart, their workforce knows their schedule in advance which allows NRG to make proactive changes based on location, upcoming events and other circumstances. By onboarding LaborChart and integrating the cloud-based workforce management platform with Procore, NRG has set their business up for success for tomorrow and beyond.

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NRG Services provides commercial and industrial electrical, air-conditioning, refrigeration, communication, security and facility maintenance services to the construction, civil, mining, energy and data storage industries. Their diverse experience includes projects such as schools, hospitals, data centres, community facilities, hotels, sports fields, service stations and more.
Toowoomba City, Queensland Australia

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