Jostin Construction Obtains 20x ROI with LaborChart

Three Jostin Construction workers looking at blue prints.
The Problem

Jostin Construction, Inc. has always placed a priority on people and that’s why it’s part of the bedrock of Cincinnati, Ohio. The self-performing general contractor has provided concrete and construction management services for more than two decades across the state.

But as Jostin Construction grew, the contracting firm found that it was increasingly difficult to coordinate across two divisions with a dozen superintendents managing 75 workers. Tracking labor on a whiteboard, sending text messages for requests and inputting transfers or head count line-by-line into an Excel spreadsheet was creating barriers to connecting people across the company.

Their workforce management system was inefficient. Jostin’s GC Field Operations Manager, David Crystal, and Concrete Field Operations Manager, Justin Smitherman, both felt like they were reacting to changing conditions too often, rather than anticipating potential needs. The company needed a way to stop losing time to administrative tasks and shift focus to managing its labor.

An image of construction workers digging with the quote "Whether you have 10 employeesor 100 employees, you can find a use for LaborChart."

The Solution 

Jostin Construction turned to LaborChart for a cloud-based workforce management platform that could efficiently track time and personnel.

Track Time

The first opportunity Crystal had to see a difference in attendance tracking was when crews started to arrive at 4 a.m. A flurry of early morning phone calls and texts has now been replaced by notes in LaborChart. Superintendents drop in updates and Crystal instantly has information about crews. While that data helps manage a project in real-time, it also provides a digital record of exactly who is on a job and when they arrived. 

“I can push our schedule out in 20 minutes,” he says. “It makes it very easy to put the people in place where our needs are going to be.”

Track Personnel 

Jostin Construction has more accurate, accessible information about the certifications and experience of its workforce. They utilize tags in LaborChart to track the current status of lift certifications, as well as relevant project experience. 

Management can also quickly assess the skill mix on a particular job or within the labor pool, to make sure the company is meeting safety and project requirements. Smitherman appreciates the ability to establish benchmarks for new employees, giving them time to be welcomed into the company’s culture and ensure they are prepared when they step onsite.

A quote by David Crystal: "We knew it was going to make things easier, we didn't anticipate how much easier it was going to be."

The Results

Jostin Construction saw an instant return upon partnering with LaborChart and has seen communication and workforce management efficiencies that will continue to pay dividends for years.

Achieved 20x ROI 

What once took multiple people two to three hours a day can now be done by Crystal and Smitherman in a matter of minutes.

“We knew it was going to make things easier, we didn’t anticipate how much easier it was going to be,” Crystal says.  

LaborChart saves Jostin as much as 15 hours a week, meaning they can turn their attention to supporting their teams in the field and streamlining office operations.

Improved Collaboration & Forecasting 

Today, both David and Justin can take out their iPads and map out the next two months with a superintendent. LaborChart has enabled field and office teams to set roles and expectations. With clear roles in place, Jostin Construction has experienced improved collaboration among human resources, accounting and operations. The interdepartmental cooperation, in turn, has powered forecasting and enabled Jostin Construction to better manage seasonal fluctuations in business.

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Jostin Construction, Inc., is a Cincinnati-based general contractor, which offers construction management and general contracting services. Jostin has experience overseeing and performing the work on all aspects of concrete construction from early stages like excavation to finishing touches like placing and finishing concrete slabs.
Cincinnati, OH

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