LaborChart Positions Mid America Contracting for Rapid Growth

The Problem

Mid America Contracting, Inc. was growing rapidly—the general contractor based in Columbia, Illinois, had more than doubled in size in only three years—and the contracting firm needed a better way to track people and projects. 

Senior Project Coordinator Marion Chartrand had tried coordinating schedules with TSheets and Microsoft Project; but it was clear that scheduling and managing labor were two completely different challenges. 

"Everything was manual. It was horrible,” Chartrand says. “Scheduling was a time-consuming everyday task."

Chartrand was spending one to two days a week trying to keep pace with project changes and assignments. Then, during a conversation with a representative from her project management solution, Procore, she heard of a workforce management platform that could provide her with a way to analyze and present Mid America’s data. That platform was LaborChart. 

The Solution 

It wasn’t long before Chartrand implemented LaborChart, integrated it with Procore and rolled it out company-wide. With LaborChart, Mid America Contracting quickly aligned expectations and improved assignments by making sure that everybody was working with up-to-date, accurate information. 

Integrate Procore With LaborChart 

Mid America Contracting integrated Procore with LaborChart to automatically pull in project data. By syncing information, Mid America was able to eliminate duplicate project entry and know that all of its data was up-to-date. The contracting firm saved time on data entry; but also reduced the possibility of potential errors or inconsistencies, which was critical in the midst of tremendous growth.

Align Field and Office Operations

The Gantt page in LaborChart became a touchstone for the field and office at Mid America. During weekly team meetings, Chartrand pulls up information on projects and people in order to check that all current jobs are covered and all labor has been assigned. She’s also created custom filters and tags, so that she can add an individual’s skills or new project experience. 

“I love the flexibility of the filters,” Chartrand says. “The different ways to view the data are countless. I can customize LaborChart to be uniquely tailored to the way I need it to be.” 

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The Results 

Mid America can easily track the developing skills and experience of team members and plan for future growth because of clear, detailed labor and project insights. 

Better Tracking 

With more than 100 jobs in the project pipeline, it is key that Chartrand can give clear direction on the availability of labor. LaborChart enables Mid America to make decisions based on real-time information about the mix of labor on a project. Project management teams have more confidence in the assignment process because they’re working with the same information as the team in the office. 

"I have data to reinforce my decisions. It’s no longer a guessing game,” Chartrand says. “I am able to give answers that are based on factual data.

Better Bidding 

Mid America is adept at balancing existing work and projects in the pipeline. With a few simple clicks, the contracting firm can assess if it has labor available or if there are enough projects to keep its workforce busy. That certainty translates to more effective and transparent bidding.

“We have to make sure we are bidding and forecasting accurately by making sure we have the people to bid those projects,” Chartrand says. “LaborChart helps us immensely with this process."
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Mid America Contracting Inc. provides design-build services to a diverse set of commercial industries, including financial, dining and educational institutions, across the United States. Whether a project is a new building or retrofitting an existing property, Mid America is a full service contractor that can help concept, execute and maintain construction projects.
Columbia, Illinois

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