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A construction worker constructing walls and ceilings structures in a building.
The Problem

Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. (AIR), has been enhancing buildings around Cleveland, Ohio, since 1983. From hospitals and schools to retail and industrial, AIR brings dreams to life one commercial building project at a time with drywall, metal stud framing, ceiling installations and more.

Workforce Management: Spreadsheets Weren’t Working

As their workforce moves from one project to the next, the amount of time they spend on each one varies. They could have people on a project for a few weeks or a few hours depending on the job. To ensure all of their projects are covered, their business needs to stay flexible and in constant communication.

AIR was using a spreadsheet to manage their labor. Assignments were made in the morning and a few hours later, the spreadsheet was inaccurate as workers moved from one job to the next. By mid-day, office employees didn’t know where field staff was located and constant phone calls were needed to ensure everyone knew where to go next.

The Solution

AIR was looking for a workforce management solution and finding a few that might work, but none that were built for construction. They wanted a tool that was better than their spreadsheets and created specifically for their business and industry.

A quote about a contractor who chose LaborChart, the construction workforce management platform, because it was built for the construction industry.

Workforce Management Software for the Construction Industry 

After months of searching, they found a workforce management platform that was built for construction and by construction professionals — LaborChart. They immediately noticed how organized the platform made their data and even better, how easy it was to use. 

The Results

Today, AIR is not only untapping the full potential of the platform, but also their business. With a lot of their work taking place at schools, hospitals and other security-protected facilities, they now tag their workers in LaborChart and specify who is qualified to work on these projects with required background checks and other credentials. What once took a few phone calls and multiple people can now be done by one person, all in one platform.

LaborChart, A Procore Company with Built by Construction, For Construction beneath on a grey image of a construction site.

Saving Time, Money and Creating New Efficiencies 

LaborChart has created peace of mind because the specialty contractor can now ensure all of their projects are covered, no one is wondering where they’re going next and they have a holistic view of what jobs are ending and which ones are coming up. For AIR, the spreadsheets are gone. LaborChart has become the built by construction, for construction solution they had been searching for.

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Since 1983, Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. has been enhancing professional buildings in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. From hospitals and offices to retail and industrial, Architectural Interior Restorations brings dreams to life one commercial building project at a time with metal stud framing and more.
Cleveland, OH

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