LaborChart Saves Specialty Contractor 10 Hours Each Week

3 construction workers with hard hats on looking out into the distance.
The Problem

TGC Structural is a specialty contractor that started as a small commercial contractor in 1967. From foundation to final finishes, TGC Structural focuses on a job well done in the Pacific Northwest. 

Inefficient Labor Scheduling

Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, TGC Structural General Superintendent Brian Zeller needed help. He was spending all day Wednesday and Thursday planning labor for the following week. Sometimes, this task would pour over to Friday and Saturday. There were a lot of phone calls, jotting down notes and fingers crossed hoping all of the information gathered on the road made it back to the office to update their whiteboard.

“This process was very cumbersome. It took a lot of time and I felt like I was losing my mind,” says Zeller. “I looked around at different platforms and didn’t find anything that worked for us until I found LaborChart.”
The Solution

Developing a Workforce Management Platform

In 2017, TGC Structural started using LaborChart in the platform’s early developmental years. Even before the cloud-based workforce management platform transformed into what it is today, Zeller was a fan. LaborChart instantly streamlined his labor scheduling process. It immediately replaced his whiteboard and he wanted more. 

An image with the quote "What used to take me 16 hours now takes me six. LaborChart allows me to be more efficient with the things i'm supposed to be doing."

Zeller shared his improvement ideas with the LaborChart team and his ideas helped create what users know today as the Gantt Chart. This collaboration not only helped further develop the platform, but also turned LaborChart into a one-stop shop that helps Zeller and TGC Structural proactively schedule their labor from start to finish.

The Results

Automatic Labor Updates

As an early adopter of LaborChart, TGC Structural is taking full advantage of the digital platform. They’re able to drag and drop their people as needed in the platform and simply click a button to notify everyone involved. This click of a button automatically sends a text message to the assigned worker, project manager, superintendent and dispatcher notifying them of any project or assignment updates. What used to take several phone calls for each change now takes a simple click and creates fluid communication across the entire organization. 

Forecasting. Learning from the past. Improved efficiencies. Access anytime, anywhere.

From forecasting their labor scheduling to learning from previous projects documented in LaborChart, TGC Structural has found efficiencies throughout their LaborChart journey and it has helped Zeller along the way too. “Everything used to be in four different places. Everything is now in one. It’s on my computer, my Ipad, wherever I’m at, I can use LaborChart,” says Zeller.

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TGC Structural started as a small commercial contractor in 1967 and offers a range of construction services from foundation to final finishes. TGC Structural is headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, and focuses on hiring good people, getting the job done right and going the extra mile to satisfy client needs. This focus has helped TGC Structural build a solid reputation in the Pacific Northwest.
Corvallis, Oregon

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