Customer Testimonials

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LaborChart is the best. The customer service is unmatched and the services provided have saved us so much time and our sanity.

Miranda O'Brien | Manager, Field Administration, Sprig Electric

The functionality and ease of use is best in class.

Luke Fenner, Maron Electric
I think LaborChart has really nailed the migration for labor management from the whiteboard to a cloud based solution.
Greg Goforth | Executive Vice President, Goforth Electric

LaborChart solves many problems with workforce challenges.

David Horn | VP, Field Operations, Tharp Plumbing
LaborChart is a great place to store everyone’s job information–and the messaging tool is simple and very effective.
Chris Rollins | Field Services Manager, Vercon

Couldn’t imagine doing my job the “old way” anymore.

Chris Clayton | Superintendent, PCI

LaborChart is an amazing tool for our supervisors and project managers–it saves them many hours each day in workforce scheduling. We also think LaborChart is a massive competitive advantage–as using a whiteboard to schedule labour is very 1985.

Clinton Swan | Managing Director, Swan Commercial Walls and Ceilings