LaborChart FAQ

Got a question? We’ve got an answer. Check out responses to our most frequently asked questions below.

What is LaborChart? 

LaborChart is a Procore Company and the leading workforce management (WFM) solution for the construction industry. We help construction companies with their workforce management approach, including people management, data management, planning and scheduling, workforce analytics, labor forecasting and field/office communication. Built from a unique blend of construction and software expertise, LaborChart helps contractors around the world manage their most important asset — their people. From general and specialty contractors to big and small construction rosters, LaborChart provides a secure and easy-to-navigate platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. To learn more about who we are, check out our Company page.

How did LaborChart get started?

As a fourth generation electrical contractor, LaborChart’s CEO, Ben Schultz, noticed a major gap in the construction industry — a solid solution to workforce management. In 2014, Ben set out to build a piece of technology that helps solve this industry-wide problem. Ben’s vision came to life when he met LaborChart’s future CTO, Hunter Browning. Their collision resulted in LaborChart, an easy-to-use, dynamic workforce management platform that has been adopted by hundreds of general and specialty contractors worldwide. Learn more about LaborChart’s history on our Company page.

What kind of contractors use LaborChart?

LaborChart is used by general contractors, self-perform general contractors and specialty contractors in the commercial construction industry. LaborChart serves a variety of specialty contractor verticals, including, but not limited to, MEP (electrical, mechanical/HVAC, plumbing), concrete and demolition/site prep. The solution is built for both small and large contractors, ranging from 10 employees to 10,000+.

Do you have references of contractors who use your construction workforce management software?

To see a sample of our customer base, visit Our Customers page. To hear their stories, be sure to read our Case Studies. If you’d like to get in touch with one of our customers to learn more about LaborChart, please reach out to our team and we can facilitate the process.

How do I get more information from LaborChart?

It’s easy to get in touch with LaborChart. To speak with our Sales team and receive information about our product and pricing, call 913-276-0294 or fill out our Get a Demo Form. If you’re looking for workforce management tips, tricks and insights from LaborChart, we invite you to visit our blog, explore our Resource Library or subscribe to our emails.

What features does LaborChart’s construction workforce management software include?

LaborChart’s construction management software includes the following capabilities:
• People Management
• Data Management
• Planning and Scheduling
• Forecasting
• Analytics
• Communication

To get an overview of all features, explore our Product Overview or get access to a Platform Preview.

Can I use LaborChart on multiple devices?

Yes. LaborChart can be utilized on a browser via desktop, tablet or mobile device. Additionally, the LaborChart mobile app can be utilized on tablets and mobile devices. The LaborChart app is available in the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Does LaborChart have a mobile app?

Yes, the LaborChart mobile app can be utilized on tablets and mobile devices. The LaborChart app is available in the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). To get an overview of the LaborChart mobile app, watch the Mobile App Video.

What is workforce management?

Workforce management, also known as WFM, is an organizational approach used to optimize employee productivity and efficiency. WFM includes all activities needed to maintain a productive workforce, including people management, data management, planning and scheduling, forecasting, analytics and communication.

What is WFM?

“WFM” is the acronym frequently used to reference “workforce management”.

What is construction workforce management?

Construction workforce management is a practice utilized by contractors to optimize field productivity and efficiency. Proper construction workforce management includes utilization of people, processes and technology to get the right person, to the right place, at the right time. This, in turn, creates the right labor plan for contractors.

What is the best way to develop better workforce management at my organization?

Proper workforce management practice requires the following framework. This framework, commonly referred to as People, Process, Technology (or PPT), creates operational efficiencies and workforce management success. 

People: People must know their responsibilities 
Process: Repeatable actions that produce consistent and predictable results
Technology: The tool that people use to implement the process

What is construction workforce management software?

Construction workforce management software is the technology that enables people to implement proper workforce management processes. Leading workforce management software includes features that allow users to improve people management, data management, planning and scheduling, forecasting, analytics and communication.

How do I buy LaborChart software?

To inquire about purchasing LaborChart, we encourage you to fill out our Get A Demo request form. Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email or a call from one of our team members that prompts you to answer a few questions. After answering a few questions, a LaborChart expert will schedule your custom demo and help you navigate the purchasing process. 

If you prefer phone over email, you can also contact us at 913-276-0294 to get the process started.

What does the LaborChart purchase and evaluation process look like?

The LaborChart purchase and evaluation process looks as follows:

1. Get in touch: Fill out a Get a Demo request form or dial 913-276-0294 to get in touch with LaborChart. You will receive an email or call from one of our team members that prompts you to answer a few short questions.

2. WFM Education: A LaborChart expert will schedule and run a Workforce Management Education session with you.

3. Demo: Your LaborChart expert will give you a custom demo of the LaborChart platform.

4. Evaluation: Your LaborChart expert will walk you through the evaluation process, discussing data management and answering specific platform questions.

5. Decision: Your LaborChart expert will present scoping and timing details and assist you with the order form process.

Can I see a demo of LaborChart?

If you would like a full demo of LaborChart from one of our experts, please request a demo here. We will be in touch within 1-2 business days max.   

To access a Platform Preview, simply fill out the form on this page. Upon completion of the form, a 3-minute video will display.

Does LaborChart offer free trials?

At this time, LaborChart does not offer free trials of our workforce management software.

How much does LaborChart cost?

We understand cost is an important factor in your decision to purchase software. The cost of LaborChart is completely custom to you and your business. 

In order to receive pricing information suited for your company’s specific needs, contact our sales department.

Please note: In order to disclose pricing information specific to your company’s needs, LaborChart will ask you to answer a few short questions, participate in a WFM Education Session and complete a Demo with our team. See the “What does the LaborChart purchase and evaluation process look like?” Q&A above for more on this process.

Is there a free version of LaborChart?

No, there is not a free version of LaborChart at this time.

Does LaborChart integrate with other software?

Yes, LaborChart integrates with other top construction technology solutions, including accounting, ERP, project management and HRIS systems. A few of our most notable and popular integrations include:

• CMiC
Viewpoint (Spectrum, Vista)
• Sage (100, 300)
• Foundation
• Airtable
• Bamboo HR
• EHS Insight
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Salesforce
• Snowflake 

For more on our integrations, visit our Integrations page or access our API Documentation for a full list of approved integrations..

What does LaborChart’s integration process look like?

There are two integration processes in order to connect LaborChart’s data and applications: 

1. QuickConnectTM: We built an integration platform known as QuickConnectTM to streamline and facilitate the process. This platform connects your applications and data in less than five days, without requiring any technical expertise or outsourced assistance. Learn more about QuickConnectTM or watch the QuickConnectTM video.

2. Open API: LaborChart also supports an open API, giving you control over the data in your LaborChart account. Access our API Documentation here for additional detail.

What kind of customer support does LaborChart offer?

Due to the enterprise nature of our software, LaborChart has built a hands-on customer onboarding and support framework to ensure workforce management success at your organization. We will assign you with your own LaborChart Account Manager, who will help guide you through your LaborChart journey, including the following milestones:

1. Kickoff: Integrations, configuring your platform, training super users 
2. Launch: Stabilizing super users, training end users
3. Ongoing Training and Support: See below
Ongoing Support
Additionally, your LaborChart Account Manager will schedule quarterly reviews with you to answer questions, review your usage and train on any additional features and functionalities of the platform. You can also schedule additional trainings with your Account Manager as needed.

Finally, LaborChart has a robust Support Library with recorded trainings, as well as a Customer Support team to help answer your questions on-the-fly. To contact Customer Support, email, dial 913-369-4639 or login to your LaborChart account to chat live.

How long does it take to onboard and implement LaborChart?

The typical LaborChart onboarding process takes approximately 90 days.