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Explore the many ways to digitize your manpower workflows!


LaborChart is a hub for everyone in your company from field to office. With our comprehensive controls over what each person can access and how they relate to projects, the experience of getting involved in the manpower workflow can be tailored perfectly for each individual involved.

Assignment Cards

Love the look & feel of your manpower whiteboard? With assignment cards in the LaborChart app you can adopt the same methodology in a real-time, searchable way that is accessible anywhere in the world.

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Projects in LaborChart come with a wide array of options around cost-code tracking, project roles, project requirements, custom alerting and much more. With inherent permission and access controls its easier than ever to make sure everyone gets exactly what information they need.

Gantt Graphs

Need to see visual representations of your assignments over an extended period of time and forecast into the future? Easily navigate our gantt graphs of all assignments and time off with control over viewing ranges, filtration and more. 

Dispatch & Alert

With the ability to reach your entire team via bi-directional SMS & Email with both automated alerts and freeform conversations, LaborChart lets you communicate more efficiently than ever. 

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Manpower Requests

Our request functionality allows you to easily aggregate upcoming needs on your projects in real-time, by job title, skill, or certification. With exact specifications and advanced alerting options, this feature will make sure every need is seen while preventing cluttered email inboxes and full voicemails.

Tags & Certifications

Need to show project requirements, expiring certifications or just organize your resources? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive tagging system which can include colors, expiration dates and even attachments.


With the ability to filter down to just the content you want to see and export out PDFs & CSVs to pass around the office, LaborChart reporting offers you the next level of flexibility when looking for insights into your resource management. In addition, we provide also pre-built reports for certifications requiring attention, single day lineups of assignments on projects and much more!

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With maps of all your people and projects, it’s easier than ever to plan the most logical assignments, make sure you aren’t incurring unnecessary travel cost, and see the distribution of your resources across all your locations.

Custom Fields

Want make LaborChart even more robust than it comes out of the box?  With custom fields, the power is in your hands to store additional information which can then be displayed and used throughout the app for sorting, filtration and reporting.


We know each construction company is unique and have provided the groups functionality as a way to make sure our software enables you to structure your data and control user access in the way you want. Use groups to organize locations, teams, trades or anything else you can come up with. Throughout LaborChart, your data can be made accessible to one or many groups, making sure you painlessly find the exact information you are looking for. 

QR Code Profiles

With QR Code Profiles for your People and Projects, you can configure information you want to be available to anyone with a scanner. Whether you need a way for ID cards carried in the field to always reflect a workers latest certifications & tags or you want to provide contact information for project roles, QR Profiles allows you to display just the right amount of information.  


Connecting your data

To really take advantage of streamlining your manpower management, it is ideal to integrate your LaborChart account with other pieces of software within your business to prevent duplicate entry, improve data accuracy and increase the power of the insights our platform can offer. 

We know how important your data is and we’ve done our best to offer simple and comprehensive options to connect your LaborChart account to other platforms. With our specialist to assist your efforts, getting your account synced up can be a painless efficiency boost for your entire company.

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PubliC API

  • Manage all LaborChart data
  • Keep data up to date in real-time
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Sandbox testing environment

SQL Connections

  • Minimal setup effort on your end
  • Calibrations for common construction software
  • Configurable sync times
  • Set-and-forget, no constant IT tweaking