Easily connect your essential business tools to LaborChart with QuickConnect™ or through our LaborChart open API.

Fully integrate in less than five days

To streamline and facilitate integrations, we've custom built an integration platform called QuickConnect™.

Our proprietary platform can connect your applications and data so that you are fully integrated in less than five days, without any technical expertise or outsourced assistance.*

There's no need to find an outside integration service to connect LaborChart with your existing systems. We have the entire integration process packaged up in one lightning fast program.

Integrate in as little
as five days
Minimal IT
team effort
data updates
Control rules, logic
and data
*Five-day integration timeline refers to five business days. Integration timeline is contingent on client availability, client responsiveness, quality of information provided and holiday schedules.
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QuickConnect™ Integrations

Looking for a particular integration that's not on our list? Don't worry.
We're adding more integrations all the time.
Contact us for more info or sign up for LaborChart updates.

LaborChart API

Our open API is designed to give you ultimate control over the data in your LaborChart account.

Get granular control over integration rules, business logic and data.
Push data from your system and pull data from LaborChart.
Keep data up-to-date in real time.
Get custom reporting capabilities.
Utilize a sandbox testing environment.
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