LaborChart Announces Nationwide Partnership with Performance Contracting, Inc.

LaborChart, the construction industry’s fastest growing workforce management platform, and Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) have partnered to maximize PCIs workforce management efficiency across more than 40 of their U.S. offices. PCI is home to one of the most significant labor forces in the construction industry and is one of the largest industrial and commercial construction service providers in the U.S.

PCI – Grandview, a branch of PCI, and a customer of LaborChart since 2015, worked together to simplify their day-to-day operations. LaborChart maximized operations and employee productivity by simplifying time-consuming processes, spending less time on routine tasks, and improving their workforce’s quality of life. Thus, highlighting the value LaborChart could provide to PCI enterprise-wide.

“Words cannot explain how much LaborChart has improved our superintendents’ quality of life,” said Gil Riemann, general manager at PCI – Grandview, “Before, they had to make hundreds of individual calls to communicate changes. It took so much effort to keep our workforce aligned. Now, they make and communicate updates instantaneously and in real-time.”

“This partnership is very significant to me,” said Ben Schultz, CEO at LaborChart, “I remember back to early 2014, before we even had a product, sitting with the folks in the PCI-Grandview office, explaining the concept and asking for an opportunity to prove the impact. Now, four years later, to be working with the entire organization–that’s pretty cool.”


About LaborChart
LaborChart is a leading provider of integrated workforce management cloud platforms for the construction industry. LaborChart provides an efficient and intuitive solution for businesses to manage workforce scheduling, forecasting, certifications, office-to-field communication, and more. Built from a unique blend of construction and software expertise, LaborChart helps contractors of all trades organize their largest and most valuable company asset–their workforce–into one secure and easy-to-manage platform. Visit

About PCI
Performance Contracting Inc. (PCI) is one of the leading specialty contractors in the United States. We provide more than 25 quality services and products to the industrial, commercial, and non-residential markets – from complex interior build-out services to large-scale insulation systems and scaffolding. This allows PCI to offer our customers diverse but related services, making PCI a true “single-source” contractor for many customers.

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