How LaborChart Began

LaborChart was founded in 2014 by CEO, Ben Schultz and built with partner, CTO, Hunter Browning.

Ben was a fourth generation electrical contractor who managed company operations– including estimating, project management, and workforce management–with spreadsheets and whiteboards. He knew there had to be a more efficient way to manage this information–and thus LaborChart was born.

Hunter partnered with Ben on his mission to create a platform never heard of in the construction industry–and brought extensive experience building and architecting several high scale, data-intensive enterprise applications.

Together, with their experience in construction and software, they built LaborChart. They grew the company solely by word of mouth for the first five years–and, now LaborChart is used worldwide and by thousands of contractors.

Ben and Hunter’s passion, drive and integrity are the foundation of LaborChart. They love what they do, and fully believe in the power of being genuine and authentic to form lasting customer partnerships.

CEO, Ben Schultz and CTO, Hunter Browning