Founded in 1932, MMC Contractors is a Kansas City-based mechanical contractor with offices located throughout the country. They have over 400 employees who have helped grow the organization into one of the largest and most influential mechanical contractors in the country.

For decades, MMC Contractors managed their workforce on a whiteboard. Years ago, they transitioned from a whiteboard to a spreadsheet. Although a spreadsheet was a big step up, there were new challenges, and areas for improvement. The most noticeable frustration was the time it took their team to update and maintain the spreadsheet.

Eventually, MMC Contractors realized it was time to find a more efficient way to manage their workforce.

Keep reading to learn why MMC Contractors purchased LaborChart, the challenges they faced when evaluating (internal buy-in), and how LaborChart helped produce the results they’ve seen since the switch.


MMC Contractor’s primary challenge was spreadsheet frustration, and the time it required to update.

But, for MMC Contractors to change workforce management methods for the second time in four years, while simultaneously implementing a new accounting software–a seamless transition was required.

This meant they needed a platform that was:

  • Easy to use
  • Scalable – something they would not have to change again in the near future
  • Able to provide the correct information to the correct people (not too much, not too little)
  • Identify ROI clearly and easily
  • Able to integrate with Viewpoint

MMC Contractor’s leadership had to see a proven need for LaborChart. The labor operations team needed to show (not tell) their executive team the problems with the existing method and process. Once leadership knew how big the problem was, they knew it was time for a significant change.

At the time MMC Contractors was evaluating LaborChart, they were implementing a new accounting software–and it was a complex upgrade. They didn’t want to further frustrate employees by adding another system to learn. MMC Contractors wanted a software that could integrate with their new accounting system, and provide one place to house operation-focused documents–including safety certifications–so employees wouldn’t have to hunt down and piece information together. MMC Contractor’s new spreadsheet process had helped them immensely compared to whiteboards, and they didn’t want to go backwards.


LaborChart and MMC Contractors quickly formed an understanding about how to meet their needs, while satisfying all requirements.

First, MMC Contractors showed leadership the true impact LaborChart would have by demonstrating how they could operate in real time. For example, if you are out in the field and need to make a schedule change, you can do so right then and there. You don’t have to worry about emailing someone back at the office to make a change for you.

Once the executive team was on board, it was a matter of when and how to get started. To begin implementation, Erika wisely set up small user groups to get familiar with LaborChart. Then, once she realized how quickly others caught on–they began to slowly roll LaborChart out to the majority.

MMC Contractors knew LaborChart would be a game changer, but didn’t want to risk any possible negative reactions–especially with an accounting software upgrade happening at the same time. Because of Erika’s methodical implementation process and LaborChart’s ongoing implementation support, the transition was easy to manage.

Lastly, because of LaborChart’s customizable permissions, MMC Contractors was able to assign permissions to users that matched their role and responsibility level within MMC Contractors- allowing managers to interact with LaborChart in different ways than their subordinates. Most importantly, there was control. Nobody could make significant changes unless they had a certain permission.


MMC Contractors has been using LaborChart for almost two years, and both Erika and Jim said they couldn’t imagine going back to the old spreadsheet process. LaborChart has simplified MMC Contractor’s day-to-day labor management tasks, and has freed up more time, allowing the opportunity to gain additional responsibilities and take on higher impact tasks and activities.

Jim meets weekly with the MMC Contractors executive team and hears the value of LaborChart through discussions of increased efficiency and alignment across multiple departments.

Besides the intended benefits LaborChart provides, Erika and Jim both said they backed into an unintended benefit with the help LaborChart has given their safety department. They are able to see all available safety and trade certifications and can quickly manage when they need to be updated and see who is fit for what job.

Uncertainty and skepticism to software held a strong place in the minds of MMC Contractors, which is a common theme for many contractors in the construction industry.

But in the end, LaborChart has followed through on what we say we do and helped MMC Contractors realize how much time they have saved their labor department, and company operations. With labor being the most expensive and valued asset, it’s vital to have a proper workforce management solution in place.

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