Your all-in-one workforce management solution.

Accurate, aligned construction workforce management at your fingertips. LaborChart helps specialty and general contractors get the right person on the right job at the right time.


Schedule your workforce quickly and digitally. Instantly send assignment and project requests to your people while in the office or out in the field.
Assign people to specific projects and dispatch workers when they've been assigned
Make requests based on skillset, job title, certification, availability, location and more
Send workers assignment and project details
Detail scope of work and assignment within the request
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With workforce and assignment details at your fingertips, you can accurately forecast for your people, projects and entire organization.
Easily identify short-term and long-term needs
Allocate project resources up to 200x faster
Take advantage of a real-time look at assigned labor and projects
Forecast labor needs as projects start and end
Estimate and bid jobs more accurately based on forecasted data
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People Management

Manage your people, track certifications and understand individual skillsets to get a holistic view of your entire roster and their capabilities.
Easily update, edit and manage info for your entire workforce
See where your people reside and assign jobs based on job site proximity
Assign jobs based on certification and identify when certifications are out-of-date
Assign individual QR codes and scan while in the field for identification
Tag particular skillsets to each individual and assign jobs based on experience
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Send alerts and communicate project and assignment updates with your workforce instantly. No more guessing, late notifications or miscommunication.
Quickly send your workers assignment and project updates
Improve efficiency and quality of communication while keeping everyone in the loop
Send project updates while at the office or in the field
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Data Management

Gain insight into your labor pool while realizing time and cost savings. Make strategic workforce decisions with information at your fingertips.
LaborChart can easily integrate with your existing systems without help from an outside integration service
Ensure you're working with up-to-date and accurate information
Leverage real-time information to make better workforce decisions
Eliminate duplicate data entry between systems and streamline your entire process
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