3 Key Ways Rostering Helps Improve Construction Workforce Management

A superintendent discusses his rostering plans with a worker.

Keeping track of who is who in construction, while vital, can be tricky, especially in larger organizations. Contractors need a straightforward way to identify key skilled laborers and other project stakeholders at a moment’s notice — and digital workforce management is here to help. Each employee brings their own unique set of skills to the table, and it’s up to management to properly assign them based on certifications, experience and restrictions. By having a holistic understanding of where each worker comes from and what they’re good at, every project will be set up for success with the right team. This is known as “rostering”, and when utilized correctly, gives contractors the chance to improve workforce development and increase labor retention.

Let’s dive into three key ways that digital rostering helps contractors improve their workforce management practices. 

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 1. Digital Construction Rostering and Tracking Certifications

The certifications and background checks a worker needs to get on a project are crucial to maintaining the professionality of an organization and keeping the job on schedule. Knowing who’s qualified for the job can be a challenge, but with cloud-based workforce management, each employee can be tagged to keep track of experience, certifications and background checks as well as expiration dates so they can be proactively updated as needed. In addition to helping supervisors make the right scheduling decisions, it also keeps talented workers off the bench and able to seamlessly transition from one assignment to the next.

2. Labor Scheduling: Deciding Who, What and Where

Certifications and skill sets are only one piece of rostering. Knowing where your workers are coming from is important as well, whether it’s a union, a temp organization, traveler or division. Having this insight allows teams to make meaningful connections while bearing in mind what assignments make sense for the right individuals. With digital workforce management, supervisors can quickly see the whole picture of their team, providing peace of mind and straightforward scheduling. 

3. Fostering a Culture of Familiarity with WFM

Understanding who has what certifications and where they come from helps outline what training and development employees need. When employees are consistently developed to further their skills and professional talents, team morale is improved on a regular basis while the right people are retained. Cloud-based workforce management supports this personalization of teams, allowing contractors to foster a culture of familiarity. With a deeper understanding of who makes up their team, contractors are better equipped to manage their people and grow their business in an ever volatile market.

Workforce management that includes rostering allows teams to better focus on taking care of their greatest asset — their people. Want to go beyond rostering? Discover the 6 Pillars of Construction WFM by downloading our whitepaper. 

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