Arcoro + LaborChart: Sync Your Time Tracking

Image of a heavy tandem road roller compacting layers of gravel. On the right, there are three logos: “Arcoro: The Bridge to Better HR” in blue; “ExakTime: An Arcoro Product” in orange and blue; and “LaborChart: A Procore Company” in orange and blue with a grey, orange and blue nut symbol to the right of it.

People are the cornerstone of business. Whether your focus is on human resources management or workforce management, Arcoro and LaborChart are here to help you champion your people in every aspect of your organization. The two platforms are integrated, allowing your company to access the best of both worlds. Together, the two platforms work as one to ensure you have all of the information your business needs. One key aspect of this partnership is the synchronization of data, especially time tracking and scheduling data. With this integration, your organization can make sure the right people show up to the right project at the right time –– in an easier, safer and hassle-free environment.

Logo of “ExakTime: An Arcoro Product” in orange and dark blue with an image of a building in progress behind it in white.

Eliminate Paper Time Cards and Remotely Track Field Crews

ExakTime, an Arcoro product, offers simple and streamlined time tracking to keep payroll costs and processing time to a minimum. This allows organizations to easily track crews and time sheets on the go via their mobile app. Minimizing timecard related errors means the focus can stay on building with increased efficiency instead of wasting time with paper timecards. Photo ID verification, compliance sign-offs and GPS tracking mitigate buddy punching and other forms of falsifying time tracking. Whether at the office or in the field, ExakTime allows teams to stay on time and on track, even in areas where cellular service is limited.

Procore l LaborChart, a Procore Company

Ensure the Right People Are at the Right Place at the Right Time

Making educated decisions about your labor is key when forecasting ahead and often the most difficult. LaborChart, the leading workforce management solution built by construction, for construction, streamlines scheduling and planning processes in the office and out in the field. A cloud-based digital platform houses all of the information you have about your people, where they’re currently at and where they’re going next and makes it available at your fingertips. When something changes in the field, you’ll know about it as it’s happening. It turns a once reactive labor approach into a proactive practice that positively impacts your entire business. Leveraging your workforce allows you to make the most of your people and combat the usual fragmented and unaligned processes most organizations are knowingly or unknowingly practicing.

Logo of “QuickConnect™” in navy blue and grey with a dividing line with a white background. On the right is a calendar graphic next to, “Integrate in as little as five days”; a screwdriver and wrench graphic next to, “Minimal IT team effort”; a clock graphic next to “Frequent data updates”; controls graphic with “Control rules, logic and data”; blocks and check mark graphic next to “Easy decision making.”

The Arcoro + LaborChart Integration 

Integration can seem daunting and time consuming, but with QuickConnect™, the custom integration platform, your organization can integrate ExakTime with LaborChart in as little as five days. With minimal IT team effort, your organization will benefit from frequent data updates and easy decision-making. The transparency this integration provides can resolve the hassle of having separate softwares for scheduling and time tracking. Instead, contractors can enter jobsite and employee information into ExakTime, which feeds over in real time to LaborChart, the workforce management platform. This allows supervisors to make sure the right people show up to their scheduled assignments on time. 

To learn more about the Arcoro + LaborChart integration, watch our webinar and hear about other contractors’ integration success stories.

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