Combating the Labor Shortage: Recruiting and Retaining the Right People

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Fostering Your People to Fight the Labor Shortage

Let’s get right to the point — it’s no surprise there is an ever-growing lack of labor, especially in skilled trades. A 2020 survey revealed that 81% of general contractors experience difficulty filling positions. This issue hinders company morale, puts extra work on existing labor and slows down projects. Over a third of contractors are spread too thin and are having to turn down work. These real factors are causing contractors to reflect on current recruiting practices as well as focus on how to retain current talent.

What’s a Worker Want?

Contractors can attract the best talent and retain these individuals by taking a good look at what’s important to workers — safety, technology and communication. Qualified workers recognize intentional retention through ongoing training and investment in their careers. The assurance of safety and ongoing communication are attractive values  to the next generation of workers — and helps keep them with a company for the long haul. A skilled laborer is hard to find — so once you have some on your team, it’s crucial to foster a positive workplace that encourages them to stick around to build a dependable roster you can mold and continue to build to prepare for the future.  

Growing Talent from the Ground Up

Locating new skilled laborers can feel like having to reinvent your workforce — and can be costly, too. A more economical approach to combating the labor shortage is a focus on retention. Investing in your current workforce offers the chance of developing future leadership for your company. The next generation of best and brightest in the industry are out there, just waiting to be mentored — even in your own company. Retaining high potential employees goes beyond simply identifying these individuals. Eagles Flight Training & Development recommends the following tips in their article on attracting and retaining talent in construction:  

Learn More About Recruiting and Retaining Employees

Fostering a spirit of education, technology and innovation are key factors in developing the next generation of skilled laborers.

Eager to find out more about how to improve your recruiting strategy while retaining the talent you already have? We’ve teamed up with some of the top tech companies in the construction industry to help contractors combat the labor shortage. Together, LaborChart, Procore, Arcoro and Foundation Software have put together a whitepaper that discusses the labor shortage, how workforce management can help and tactics your company can put in place to come out on top.

Download our whitepaper and learn more about combating the labor shortage in the construction industry.

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