How Digital Workforce Management Keeps Construction Connected

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It's different going to work. In the past few months, I’ve come to rely even more on the digital tools -- Slack and Zoom, among them -- that let me keep in touch with my team, as well as LaborChart’s customers and partners. 

I’ve also been having long conversations with contractors about construction timekeeping and construction software like Procore, Viewpoint and Autodesk. Leaders are assessing which platforms help hold their companies together. 

I’m not the only one looking to make sure my people stay connected.

Mobile Resource Management is Having a Moment 

Construction workforce management teams are seeing that digital workforce management and mobile resource management (MRM) are the tools contractors need for connection in this moment and the future. I’ve written about the value of flexibility; but you can only adjust quickly and efficiently if you’ve got a cloud-based workforce management system in place.

Contractors are re-examining their strategies for construction human capital management as office work continues remotely and the need grows for real-time information about projects. Teams need construction software that is available on demand.  

A man in a reflective vest writing on a tablet with the quote "technology has become a bridger for overcoming the distance of a team working remotely."

Is Excel the Best Construction Workforce Management Solution? 

Excel is still a common tool used in construction human capital management. It’s a product that people know and have used for decades. But Excel can be a barrier to better connectivity. As you scale and grow, spreadsheets get unwieldy and can’t adapt to the changing needs of your projects.

I recently authored a guest post -- From Excel to The Cloud: Why The Best Contractors Digitize Workforce Management -- for Procore’s Jobsite that outlines the four reasons why Excel is not the answer for workforce management. Excel isn’t flexible enough for labor scheduling. Manual data entry leads to errors with resource management. The upkeep of spreadsheets takes up valuable time and resources. And Excel is a static solution, literally stuck in cells on your device. 

Digital Workforce Management Fosters Team Connectivity 

As a fourth generation electrical contractor, I know I can get the work done regardless of the obstacle put in front of me. I can work hard. But I also don’t have to make the work harder. 

Technology has become a bridge for overcoming the distance of a team working remotely. LaborChart’s digital workforce management platform makes sure that people have the information they need and that communication happens in real time. I know that keeping people working means clear direction on the work that needs to get done. 

Don’t make the work harder. Excel can be useful. But that utility comes with a cost. Forge real connections with your team and partners. Stay connected with a digital workforce management platform. Spend your effort where it matters.

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Ben Schultz is founder and CEO of LaborChart. Prior to LaborChart, Ben was a fourth generation electrical contractor for 12 years. He's a husband, a father of three, and enjoys playing golf, spending time with family, and coaching his kids' sports.

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