[INFOGRAPHIC] Construction Technology is Transforming Workforce Management

A female construction worker looking at a tablet with happiness, and a male construction worker looking at the tablet shocked.


Contractors Adopting New Construction Technology 

The construction industry in the United States is extraordinary. According to IBISWorld, an industry research database, there are over 3.5 million construction businesses, employing more than 9.5 million people across the country in 2021.

From building peaks that shape downtown skylines to cloud connected smart lighting that illuminates city walkways, construction is big business with a history of innovation. 

Today, workers have their phones by their side at all times. They need a digital device to ensure they have instant communication to the office or job trailer. Drones are flying around job sites with pre-programmed flight patterns using GPS technology so large-scale projects can be monitored from the ground or a remote location. This wasn’t possible 25 years ago.. 

As we look ahead to the next 25 years, how does the construction industry continue to evolve? Keep reading and we’ll dive into more.


QR Codes Stored in Workforce Management Software 

Already underway, digital workforce management platforms are part of the future in the construction industry. When you pair this type of technology with QR codes, you have a recipe for success. 

A cloud-based workforce management platform stores all of the information you need for your people, projects and more. From certifications and skills to emergency contact information, there’s no stopping what you can add to each worker's real-time digital profile. When placed on a hardhat or another central location, a QR code can be scanned and immediately return all of the stats associated with the code. Instead of waiting on the office or a spreadsheet, you can instantly know who’s qualified to perform various assignments and more importantly, who to contact when an emergency arises. This type of technology could not only help save a project, but someone’s life. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what this type of technology can do for your business.


Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry 

Every industry in the world has, is or will be going through a digital transformation. The construction industry will not be excused and is already embracing the change. A workforce management platform and QR codes are part of this evolution. Trying something new can be scary, but technology in the construction industry is a good thing. It can make job sites safer, projects more efficient and keep workers skilled, certified and thinking ahead

One thing that remains in the construction industry—you’re still expected to finish projects on time and under budget. This piece of the pie will not change. Why not set your business up for success by simply learning a new way of doing things?

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Allison Carroll is the VP of Brand at LaborChart. With a background in digital strategy and B2B content marketing, Allison's passion is helping brands tell a memorable story. As the daughter of a former EVP of construction at a large general contracting firm, Allison understands just how hard contractors work and is driven to provide each one with inspiration and guidance on how to improve workforce management.

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