Arcoro + LaborChart: Ensure Data is Up-to-Date and Accurate

 A construction worker in a white hardhat, neon vest and safety glasses manages his workforce on a computer. On the right, with a diagonal break are the logos for Arcoro: The Bridge to Better HR in blue; ExakTime: An Arcoro Product in orange and navy blue; and LaborChart, a Procore Company in blue, orange and black with their nut symbol in orange, blue and gray.

Data — it’s the backbone of construction management, tracking your people, processes and technology. The mishandling or lack of data can have catastrophic results for organizations. To be effective, data has to be up-to-date and accurate, informing current projects and providing insight into past and future initiatives. One of the most important pieces of data in construction is certificates. Knowing who is skilled  and qualified in different areas can be just as important as having insight into your workers’ availability. 

David Crystal, Field Operations Manager, Jostin Construction, “Before we used spreadsheets. Spreadsheets don’t notify you when someone’s certification expires. Before, we had to scramble to get certification updated or find new individuals that are certified. But with LaborChart, the information is already in there — we are able to track those things.”

Customer Showcase: CM Richey

CM Richey, an electrical contractor headquartered out of New York, uses the ExakTime™ + LaborChart integration every day. One key feature that has helped CM Richey to manage their workforce is the certificate tracking in LaborChart. Whether an OSHA certification, specific background check, or drug and alcohol training, the entire team can be on the same page in regards to who is certified in specific areas. 

The Right Software for High Compliance 

On many high-compliance projects, specific requirements are necessary for each worker, and staying up-to-date on certifications  means the job can stay on schedule. Supervisors and field resources alike receive notifications in LaborChart when a certification is coming up on its expiration date, so there’s no reason for any employee to be uncertified at any given time. Knowing in advance about upcoming recertification allows for minimal schedule disruption. This visibility removes potential frustration and lack of communication so that everyone is on the same page. 

Michael Stewart, Sr. Staff Accountant at CM Richey, Arcoro + LaborChart Customer says, “There’s really no excuse anymore, between the supervisors getting that notification and the field guys getting it, to have any certificates expiring.”

Onsite and On Time — Geographic and Visual Worker Tracking

Another pain point for some organizations is simply confirming that workers are on the job, especially when there are multiple active projects across a wide range of jobsites. ExakTime™ provides contractors with the ability to visually confirm workers are onsite. When field resources clock in via the mobile app, they snap a picture to confirm they made it to the project. This selfie, paired with geolocation tracking, minimizes time fraud and keeps teams onsite and on schedule.

Level Up your Workforce Management with Gantt View

A tried and true feature in construction tech — the Gantt chart — has made its way to the digital world. LaborChart’s Gantt view allows contractors to accurately forecast with week, month and even year-long lookaheads. The team knows exactly how many employees are needed, what certifications or background checks they might need, as well as jobsite information and costs. With accurate information constantly updated in real time, the Gantt view provides a familiar look with a much-improved and more holistic view of a company’s projects.

Between Arcoro and LaborChart, your team can get — and stay — ahead. To learn more about this integration, watch the full webinar and see how you can manage your workforce more effectively. 

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