LaborChart: Who We Are and Who We Work With

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What is LaborChart? Even better, what is workforce management? Both are great questions and to help answer them, I’d like to tell you more about who we are and the contractors we serve. 

At our core, LaborChart is the leading workforce management solution for the construction industry — but we’re so much more than that. We help construction companies know where their people are, where their future labor needs live within projects, how efficient they are utilizing their workforce and so much more. Our customer base is wide-ranging and consists of general and speciality contractors from around the world. 

At LaborChart, we’re here to provide a digital solution that not only saves contractors time and money, but also helps them take care of their people by improving internal communications, boosting employee morale and creating a culture of familiarity. How does a digital platform accomplish all of this? Keep reading and I’ll dive into how it’s done. 


General and Specialty Contractors 

From Turner Construction in New York City, to Prime Build in New South Wales, LaborChart customers vary in location, size, type of work and specific needs. No matter what the differences may be, the mission remains the same: To be the worldwide leader in workforce management for the construction industry. 

Snapshot of who we work with. LaborChart, a Procore Company and logos of our customers

As you can see, our customer list is diverse. From contractors with 50 employees to nearly 10,000 on staff, LaborChart customers vary in company size, type of work and workforce management needs.

Here’s what they’re saying about LaborChart:

Customer testimonials from Rocky Rose, Greg Crook and Michael Williamson


Workforce Management Software for the Construction Industry 

Adopting new technology in the construction industry isn’t going to happen overnight. However, the transformation is well underway. From payroll to project management, there are systems out there (and LaborChart integrates with a lot of them) that are helping companies take it to the next level. But what about your most important asset?

Your people need to know where they’re going and what’s next. You need to know where they’re working and if you need to shuffle your roster. Without this information, other functions of the business are a guessing game. A cloud-based workforce management platform like LaborChart gives you real-time information, historical data, tracks skills and certifications and gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on and where your workforce is headed.


Find Success for Your People, Projects and Entire Organization

In 2017, a KPMG survey found that roughly 72% of engineering and construction executives believed that technological innovation played a vital role in pursuing their corporate visions. Unfortunately, less than half had implemented solid strategies for leveraging technology. Most might be thinking if they’re getting by, what’s the point of making a change? This question is easy to answer no matter the industry. From Blockbuster refusing to adapt to digital streaming to Kodak ignoring digital cameras, companies that fail to innovate get left behind. 

Embrace the transformation and find your new normal. Reach out and schedule a demo with LaborChart today.

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We’re a passionate bunch. We love technology, we love construction and we love the software we’re building to bring the two together.

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