Real Life Workforce Management: Data to Make the Right Decisions

A project manager sorts through job and workforce information in the office on a computer.

Data is the lifeblood of construction, yet it is often inefficiently scattered across an organization, unable to supply stakeholders with key information. When up-to-date, properly disseminated and available at a moment’s notice, data supports construction forecasting, labor planning, field scheduling and more. With digital workforce management, the possibilities are endless.  

Digitized Data, Accurate Answers

Many contractors rely on siloed pools of data housed in spreadsheets, analog solutions like whiteboards or even paper. When information is fragmented in this way, there is bound to be double data entry, spelling extra, unnecessary work across an organization. Contractors are bound to be making redundant phone calls and emails to field and office employees alike, just trying to stay up-to-date. Cloud-based workforce management provides a safe and secure solution to house and leverage data. With digitized data, there is a single source of truth that provides a way to stay informed, across the board and easily communicate updates out individually or collectively.

Ryan Spotowski, Estimator at Desco, says, “Not all of our employees liked using spreadsheets. We were scheduling labor on a literal piece of paper. LaborChart is easier than paper or spreadsheets. We have everything we need in one place.” 

Data for Construction, Built by Construction

Some contractors try their hand at creating workforce management software in-house. However, limitations usually pop up that require more work to maintain than it’s worth long-term. If contractors are forced to rely on faulty digital information, they are no better off than using a whiteboard. 

Construction planning and scheduling must be efficiently supported by a robust, streamlined process. Where in-house construction software struggles, contractors can find a solution with workforce management software, built by construction, for construction. 

Richard Kloet, Controller at Slotegraaf, says, “Our in-house software couldn’t keep up with our business. LaborChart helps us stay on top of things, forecast ahead and eliminate the what ifs.” 

Eliminating the Guessing Game of Human Error

Human errors like fat-finger mistakes are a fact of life in every organization, no matter the industry. With workforce management software, contractors have peace of mind that data is secure, accurate and aligned across the organization. Simultaneously, contractors have a meticulous history to look back on that informs their decisions on future projects, bids and laborers. From onboarding a new employee to assigning their first schedule, cloud-based workforce management is the solution to ensure accurate information for everyone.

Liz Hartmann, Vice President of Field Operations at W. Bradley Electric, says, “LaborChart is taking human error away from us by manually uploading data. Now we are able to import all this information and nobody’s having to do the mind-numbing work.” 

Data to Reinforce Data 

Across the board, contractors waste hours every week trying to connect the dots between fragmented data in numerous, unnecessary labor meetings. For some organizations, the meetings used to end in frustration and manual entry, but now, their data is right the first time around with cloud-based workforce management. “I have data to reinforce my data. It’s no longer a guessing game; I am able to give answers that are based on factual data,” says Marion Chartrand, Senior Project Coordinator at Mid America Contracting. Chartrand isn’t alone — many other contractors are uncovering the benefits of workforce management in their quest to manage and access their data effectively.

If your organization is seeking aligned, up-to-date information, get a demo to discover what workforce management software can do for you.

Watch this video to hear from real contractors about how WFM has changed the way they manage their data:

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Senior Systems Engineer, Team Lead
Joe Rolleston is the Senior Systems Engineer, Team Lead at LaborChart. Joe leads the integration team and works every day to build a world class integration experience for LaborChart customers by leveraging our QuickConnect platform, diving deep into databases and unifying customers' previously siloed data.

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