Real Life Workforce Management: Right Information, Right Communication, Right Time

A construction worker in a jobsite trailer communicates with his team via a tablet.

Communication between the field and the office is key to healthy company morale, improved labor planning and overall time-savings across the organization. For many contractors, seeking out a better method of communication is top of mind, especially when trying to attract new talent in the current labor shortage in construction. Digital workforce management is a simple fix, allowing information to be shared with the right person at the right time, to create the right plan.

Building Meaningful Communication with Workforce Management

For many contractors, communication is a cornerstone of workplace culture — specifically, meaningful communication that fosters the organization’s values and mission. Hours are often wasted in construction forecasting meetings, inefficient phone calls and frustrating email chains. Construction workforce management software provides a holistic view of information, ready to be shared with the appropriate stakeholders. With key data able to be shared at a moment's notice, meetings can be used for significant topics rather than struggling to discuss an ever-changing schedule. An improvement in processes with technology also improves team morale across the board.

Improving Employee and Customer Experience

When time is wasted on inefficient communication, the employee and customer experience both suffer, trying to stay up-to-date with whiteboards, spreadsheets or paper. When superintendents, operational leaders and field workers can easily communicate with project managers and office personnel (and vice versa), everyone’s contributions are also better appreciated and communicated. Workforce management software improves work-life balance for leadership teams and workers alike, since they have foresight into their schedules and can fully relax when off the clock. Simultaneously, workforce management software empowers contractors to better live out their values and avoid wasting time on constantly updating schedules or reassigning personnel. 

Saving Time with Digital Field Scheduling Tools 

Construction planning and scheduling platforms save a significant amount of time for contractors, taking hours worth of planning every week and reducing it drastically. In many organizations, the amount of time wasted on calls, emails and labor meetings frustrates every stakeholder involved. With the ability to drag and drop information on simple construction scheduling software, the headache is removed from the whole process and organizations are more easily aligned with a single source of truth.

Workforce management software is the missing piece in sharing information at the right time with the right people. Boost your organization’s communication, anywhere, anytime with LaborChart. Get a demo today.

Take a look at this quick video to learn how workforce management supports communication:

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