Real Savings: Electrical Contractor Saves over $80,000 a Year with Construction Workforce Management Software

two construction workers managing their a tablet to look at their workforce management platform.

I’m pretty lucky. I have a fun job where I get the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with LaborChart customers (just like Sprig Electric) and hear their story. I get to ask them nitty gritty questions about their business and LaborChart journey — and in the process, hear some pretty incredible micro-stories that unfold during our conversations. 

This week, I’d like to share Sprig Electric’s journey with you. Who they are, what they did before LaborChart and why they chose to onboard a digital workforce management platform. Enjoy.  


Sprig Electric: Wiring the Silicon Valley 

Sprig Electric is an electrical contractor with 1,100 employees and specializes in design-build services for electrical, low voltage, controls, fire and life safety and energy solution systems in San Jose, California. Founded in 1970, Sprig has worked on the San Jose Sharks locker rooms, Santa Clara University, LinkedIn headquarters, the San Jose Earthquakes Stadium and more across the Silicon Valley. 


Employee scheduling on whiteboards and spreadsheets

A lot of contractors are still using whiteboards and spreadsheets to schedule their labor, plan projects and are manually updating every single day. When you have hundreds of employees and a number of active projects, this can be extremely inefficient. You’re not going to carry your boards or spreadsheets to each project which means, what’s happening in the field doesn’t make it back to the office in a timely manner. Once it does, you have to manually update and by then, the precious information that covers your people and projects is outdated and unhelpful

With a digital construction workforce management platform, you can enter in all of your updates while on your couch or in the field. There’s no rushing back to the office, no outdated information and you can carry your board or spreadsheet to each project in your pocket. 

With LaborChart you can take your real-time people and project data from one jobsite to the next.


In the real world: Construction workforce management software

Hearing about digital solutions in the construction industry can be difficult to wrap your head around. Things have always been done a certain way and there’s been a lot of success. Why would anyone change? If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last year, it's that you have to be able to adapt in your personal lives and professionally. If you do things the way you always have while others are trying to think differently, you run the risk of being left behind. It didn’t take a global pandemic for Sprig to realize this. They were sick of inaccurate data, manual updates and playing the guessing game.  

LaborChart, the workforce management platform changed a field administrators lives. "it really is a no-brainer"

With LaborChart, Sprig estimates they save two hours each week. There’s no more manual board updates, the guessing is gone and their leadership and workforce is more informed and well-equipped with invaluable data at their fingertips. Read this case study to learn how Sprig saved over $80,000 a year with LaborChart. 

Ready to embrace the new normal? Reach out to us about how we can help provide a remote workforce management solution with our digital platform. 

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