The Future of the Construction Industry is Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

A woman construction field engineer with a futuristic look in her eye.


General and Speciality Contractors Embracing Change

It has now been a little over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our world. Stores are open, mandates are scaled back and communities are finding a new normal. 

What about construction? Our industry continues to stand strong. Construction never stopped — and we continue to see crews out on job sites, working long days to help shape our communities.

The pandemic has taught us all about how to prepare for the future, how to take advantage of efficiencies and how to effectively communicate in a virtual world. Like most of the world, speciality and general contractors need to lean on technology and adjust to a new way of doing things. 

Even if we’re all getting more comfortable with a post-pandemic life, that doesn’t mean we have to go back to the old way of doing things. The construction industry should take these new learnings and hold on to them for the long haul

Let’s take a look at how we can be ready for an ever-changing environment and prepare our industry for a future that is already here. 


Strategically Preparing for the Future of Construction

There are strategic ways you can prepare for the unknown. By tapping into real-time data and adapting quickly to new technologies and systems, contractors can strategically plan ahead, and improve internal processes.

Something the construction industry can plan on is resiliency. Even during unprecedented times, construction stood strong with 29% of Marcum National Construction Survey respondents expressing concern about a lack of work during the pandemic and 36% saying they expected more work as 2021 moves along. These findings confirm there’s jobs out there and construction workers are ready for it. Will your construction company be prepared? Let’s look at a few things that will help you get started.

4 ways to strategically prepare for the future of construction explanation infographic.


The Construction Industry is Evolving

Whether you’re a first-time LaborChart blog reader or a long-time subscriber, you’ve probably noticed how passionate we are about technology in the construction industry. It’s not because we fit in that category, it’s because that’s the state of the industry. If there’s something the pandemic taught us, it's that communication is of utmost importance  and technology holds the keys to the castle

As we look toward the rest of 2021 and the future of construction, it’s becoming more clear by the day — if we continue to run our businesses without thinking ahead, adopting new processes or onboarding new technologies, we will not succeed. Businesses need to be flexible, people need to communicate efficiently and we all need to adapt to a new way of doing things. 

Your construction company doesn’t have to take the leap overnight. At LaborChart, we’re here to help you and countless other contractors along the way. Let us help you get comfortable with a new normal. 

If you haven’t already, give us a shout and book a demo today. We can help you evolve with an industry that’s constantly changing.

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