The Right Software to Combat the Labor Shortage the Right Way

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The construction labor shortage is an ongoing issue, but that doesn’t mean you’re without options. The top construction tech companies have teamed up to offer insight on how to overcome the labor shortage. For these four companies, offense is the best defense.

Keep reading to learn more about the top tier construction software companies and how they can help your business’ HR, accounting, workforce, and project management.

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HR Management  

Hire, manage and grow your workforce with Arcoro, the premier HR management software. Over 10,000 customers trust Arcoro to streamline onboarding and compliance processes. Arcoro can help you retain your current workforce through ongoing education to develop future leaders. Skilled labor is more likely to stick around if they know that their talents are appreciated, fostered and recorded.

Arcoro says, “Adopting the right construction software helps your business keep everything organized. It also ensures that your staff is continuously developing and that career progressions are strategically activated.

Construction Workforce Management

Since 2014, LaborChart has been the leading construction workforce management software, connecting companies with their employees and providing holistic visibility to get everyone at the right place at the right time. LaborChart’s custom integration system, QuickConnect™, is able to seamlessly connect other software, like Arcoro, Procore, and Foundation. Built by construction for construction, LaborChart improves your workforce management processes and helps you attract and retain the best people.

LaborChart says, “Without a workforce management software, it can be challenging to accurately forecast your labor needs. Get better visibility into your workforce so you can identify the busy season and slow times that might lie ahead.”
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Project Management

The pros of construction project management are here to help you with every aspect of your project in their cloud-based platform. Procore can be integrated with over 300 other applications and tools allowing you to make the most of all your software. Improved project visibility means less wasted time and resources, which can mean more meaningful work for your laborers. 

Procore says, “Promoting from within and training the employees that you already know your business not only helps you, but instills confidence in the workers you already know and trust.”
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Construction accounting can be a challenge, but the right software can get you on track. Since 1985, Foundation Software has been supplying the back-office tools to help your company succeed through accounting management. Foundation can help you have holistic visibility of your budget and eliminate duplicate data entry by "tracking every dollar, hour and quantity for every job."

Foundation says, “Tools that make sense, create proactive communication and bridge the gap between the office and field, can do more than help you finish jobs. They can create a cohesive unit that helps contractors strive for success and paints the bigger picture your organization wants to see.”

Software over Shortage

With these four software solutions in your pocket, you can stay a step ahead and combat the labor shortage. Learn more about these solutions and how they can help you attract and retain the right talent by downloading this whitepaper. Let Foundation, Procore, LaborChart and Arcoro help you fight the labor shortage and lead the next generation of leaders in the construction industry.

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Allison Carroll is the VP of Brand at LaborChart. With a background in digital strategy and B2B content marketing, Allison's passion is helping brands tell a memorable story. As the daughter of a former EVP of construction at a large general contracting firm, Allison understands just how hard contractors work and is driven to provide each one with inspiration and guidance on how to improve workforce management.

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