Three Secret Ways Software Can Help You Combat the Labor Shortage

Two construction workers in red hard hats consult a tablet to manage their workforce on a jobsite.

The labor shortage that’s impacting the construction industry does not have to be the end of the line for your business, thanks to steady strides in technology. Construction software is constantly being developed to improve what construction companies do best, while providing solutions for the challenges. 

Keep reading to learn three ways to digitally manage your projects, your workforce, your money, your HR and more with construction software that will help you combat the labor shortage.

 Procore says, “Construction is in the middle of a digital transformation, and companies who are quick to adopt technology have found that it has not only helped them stay at the forefront of a competitive market, and have turned the labor shortage into an opportunity rather than a detriment."

1. Promote Tech-Savvy Communication

Communication is an important factor in recruiting the next generation of skilled labor. Time wasted on unanswered phone calls and frustrating email chains can be remedied with workforce management software. The up-and-coming workforce is accustomed to having a mobile device in hand and being instantly updated about all the important aspects of their day. Why should their work life be any different? 

Digital communication can be a major recruiting point for employers, letting prospective workers know they’re staying a step ahead. This can also help retain current employees by allowing them to easily contact their supervisor and have insight into their assignments. By streamlining communication, providing real-time updates and taking advantage of a holistic view of your team, you can use construction software the right way and unlock new opportunities.

Propeller says, “When it comes to future proofing their workforce, construction companies face a two-pronged challenge: a lack of younger employees to replace a retiring workforce, and a lack of skilled workers to support construction technology.”

2. Increase Accuracy and Eliminate Workforce Misallocation

Say goodbye to handwritten human errors. Construction accounting software can improve accuracy and ensure every dollar is allocated appropriately. This, in turn, clarifies the budget for potential new hires. Construction software takes the ‘he said, she said’ guessing game off the table by providing a thorough record of a project’s history from pre-construction to close out. Keeping your skilled laborers working is the name of the game and you can increase retention by simply keeping your workforce busy, happy and aligned. 

3. Improve Safety with a Data Hub

Keeping workers safe on the job is a priority, but it can be difficult to track who’s up to date with training and certifications. Nearly 35% of first-year workers are injured on the job due to lack of training – an avoidable statistic. A focus on safety is what new workers want and software is here to help. Cloud-based construction software can identify laborers’ skillsets and qualifications so your leadership team can leverage this helpful information, retain current workers and provide training as needed. To continue taking care of your people, you can adopt human resources software and house employee feedback that can be analyzed for retention strategies. HR Executive advises your workforce should be “enabled, empowered, and supported” by workplace technology.

Statistic from JBKnowledge: “40% of contractors say that “lack of staff to support the technology” is their main limiting factor in adopting new technology.

Welcome to Team Software

In this competitive market, will you be Team Software or Team Shortage? The decision is yours, but can be the difference between success and throwing in the towel. 

LaborChart, Procore, Arcoro and Foundation Software have teamed up to create a whitepaper that highlights strategic ways your company can fight the labor shortage with the help of construction technology. If you’re ready to leverage technology to attract and retain the best talent, download the labor shortage whitepaper to learn more about how the top construction software companies are equipping you to combat the labor shortage.

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Allison Carroll is the VP of Brand at LaborChart. With a background in digital strategy and B2B content marketing, Allison's passion is helping brands tell a memorable story. As the daughter of a former EVP of construction at a large general contracting firm, Allison understands just how hard contractors work and is driven to provide each one with inspiration and guidance on how to improve workforce management.

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