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Why You Need to Destroy Your Resource Management Whiteboard [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your whiteboard doesn’t effectively manage your workforce. But what else is there? Sure, there's spreadsheets. Some contractors have resorted to using Microsoft Projects. But the fact remains the same: these tools weren't built specifically for contractors. Moreover, they weren't built to help contractors manage a workforce.

So what's the best solution? 

It’s LaborChart. With our cloud-based workforce management platform, we’re simplifying the way you schedule, forecast, communicate and collaborate with your most valuable assets — your people.

We pinned LaborChart up against your traditional resource management whiteboard—and LaborChart won tenfold. Take a look at a few of our whiteboard sketches that outline why you should replace your existing board with a tool like LaborChart: 

A graphic with a cartoon man using a whiteboard that says Look familiar? Whiteboards weren't made to manage your workforce.

Construction workers in the field vs. workers in the office. Representing Whiteboards don't keep your field up-to-speed. LaborChart can fix this.

A digital version of your whiteboard with real-time updates, automatic project and workforce notifications, use LaborChart anytime, anywhere.

On a job site or in the office, LaborChart helps you manage your workforce digitally. Whiteboards are not continuous, you don't see how your days, weeks, and months leak away updating it. With LaborChart, you can directly communitcate to the office.

Destory your whiteboards. Get a LaborChart demo today.

We’re not kidding. Trash your whiteboard or give it to your kids for them to draw on. Managing your workforce should go beyond markers and erasers.

Book a demo today and learn more about the possibilities LaborChart can help you discover.

Watch our latest workforce management videos.

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