Workforce Management Means Going Beyond Labor Scheduling for Civil Contractor

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Here at LaborChart, we like our customer’s stories. They span from coast to coast and around the world. They work on complex projects and it’s our job to listen to them and learn. From their LaborChart journey to fully understanding what workforce management means in the construction industry, the LaborChart team loves sitting around a campfire (virtual screen) so we can ask questions about their business, what they’ve worked on, how their weekend went and what’s happening next.

Last time, we shared Messer’s story with you. This time around, we’d like to share P2K’s journey—who they are, what they did before LaborChart and why they chose to onboard a digital workforce management platform. Cheers and enjoy.


P2K: Shaping Communities with Strong Infrastructures

P2K is a civil contractor founded in 1998 and located in Atlanta, Georgia. They help repair airport runways, perform highly technical operations at military bases, design and install solar panels and much more

P2K is a team of engineers that has evolved over the last 20 years. They’ve built a strong reputation in the southeast United States and have been recognized with numerous awards along the way. They focus on innovation, sustainability and ensuring local communities continue to grow. 


Improving Workforce Management Processes 

For the type of jobs P2K works on, they need to have constant visibility across their workforce. They need to  know who’s on what projects, where those projects stand and who’s qualified to work on federal property, at airports and other locations that require specific certifications and security clearance. P2K was getting by using Excel spreadsheets, but they weren’t getting the full picture they needed. 

Their leadership team wanted to be more efficient. They calculated the amount of time and money they were spending in meetings, updating an ever-changing spreadsheet and constant communication moving workers around. They weren’t happy with what they saw. 

After looking around for a bit, they replaced their entire workforce management process with LaborChart and started to understand what true workforce management looked like.

Construction workforce management means human resources, estimating and project managers.


Workforce Management — Holistic Visibility and Increased Productivity

Workforce management in the construction industry goes beyond labor scheduling. We’ve talked about this in the LaborChart blog before. For P2K, the type of work they do and how they utilize the platform backs this up. Their estimating department can now plan months ahead and make accurate forecasts based on their workforce needs. With only certain workers qualified to work on different jobs, P2K tags each of their workers with different certifications and skills so they can instantly know who can work where. For their business, they’ve defined what workforce management means for them, the process their roster needs and how they can utilize LaborChart to fully embrace the needed change.

A graphic image with the quote "we looked for other options but there weren't any. Now we're using LaborChart every single day."

Read P2K’s case study and learn more about the civil contractor’s journey and how they replaced spreadsheets with LaborChart, the leading workforce management solution for the construction industry. 

Ready to change the way you manage your workforce? Reach out to us about how we can help provide a better workforce management solution for your business.

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