Workforce Management: Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

 Two construction workers in a hardhats manage their workforce via their cell phones on a jobsite.

It’s a never ending issue –– how do you get the right person on the right project at the right time? Although this seems like a simple problem, it can pose complex challenges for contractors around the world. Whether you have an injured employee who can’t work, a jobsite with particular background requirements or a weather holdup changing your schedule, each one of these factors plays a pivotal part in the success of your organization. Instead of blindly hoping your company will make the right call each time, putting workforce management into practice can leverage the correct individuals on each project and ensure you stick to your original timeline.

Trip Textoris, President of Architectural Interior Restorations says, “There’s so many requirements for guys to have and not just their skills, but their training and testing too. Workforce management is really knowing who you have available and the holes that need to be filled and being able to efficiently place those people accordingly.”

The Right Person — Choosing Qualified Workers to Find Success

Choosing the right employee for any given project can be the difference between success and failure. This starts with knowing who’s qualified for the job. With digital workforce management software, your organization gets insight into each employee’s past performance, skills and certifications, as well as training expiration dates. Having access to every skilled laborer’s talents and qualifications means supervisors can make educated decisions for project assignments. This keeps the right people with the right skills off the bench and on the job to create the best buildings possible.

Casey Corbin, Project Manager at Legacy Mechanical Inc. says, “Having a well-organized job in these technology platforms from a scheduling standpoint is mainly what workforce management helps us out with. We can actually see across all projects, our active resources and be able to effectively move those to a new project.”

The Right Place - Understanding the Full Scope of the Assignment

Understanding assignment details from start to finish is crucial when it comes to getting the correct individuals on a jobsite. Knowing the labor requirements necessary to deliver a project can include the specifics of background checks, PEP, certifications and other needed skills. Location is another key factor. Being able to know where your employees live in proximity to a jobsite can help you identify shorter commutes and ensure more of them are able to show up on time with limited windshield time. All of these factors combined allows you to aggregate labor supply and demand and empowers your leadership team with a holistic view that spans across the business with workforce management software

Tim Thompson, Director of Prime Build says, “Our projects move quickly; we could need all of our estimating done within two weeks, with all our resources at the site in that time frame as well. So when we are able to move quickly, assign resources and forecast through LaborChart, it makes our lives a lot simpler.”

The Right Time - Staying on Track to Beat the Clock 

The schedule of your project can determine a lot of factors, such as customer satisfaction and employee success. The ability to look ahead and see all projects as early as possible can make a real difference in staying on track. Cloud-based workforce management allows your team to have visibility into current and future project assignments, as well as the availability of all your skilled labor. This means you can make the most of your staff and avoid margin fade issues.

Aligning Your Organization to Create Effective Processes 

When the best person for the job is onsite and on schedule, your organization has an undeniable advantage to win more projects and retain key workers. Employee and customer satisfaction is improved when skilled individuals have assignments they excel at. Aligning the correct people can help your organization streamline effective processes, supported by technology to give you the tools your company needs to succeed. Discover how digital  workforce management can help identify the right people to be in the right place at the right time. 

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