Project management meets workforce management.

Discover how LaborChart and Procore integrate to provide a seamless project and resource management experience all in one place.

Integration Overview

The LaborChart + Procore Integration

The LaborChart embedded app and integration allows you to sync projects from your Procore account into your LaborChart account. Use LaborChart tools to communicate with and manage your workforce directly inside the Procore platform.
Schedule labor, request resources and communicate to your workforce inside Procore.
Pull production reports to understand how much time and resources you’ve spent on a project—and how much you have left to spend. 
Sync Procore projects automatically into your LaborChart account.

How It Works

The LaborChart integration pulls Procore projects into LaborChart to prevent duplicate entry and keep data up to date.


You only need three things to get LaborChart embedded into your Procore system: 

An active LaborChart account
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A Procore Service Account with "Standard" permission level
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A Procore Directory
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Learn how LaborChart can streamline your workforce management today.

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