Integrate your workforce, your projects and your accounting.

Discover how LaborChart pulls in your data from Viewpoint, Spectrum and Vista to build efficiencies.

Integration Overview

The LaborChart + Viewpoint Integration

You have key data about projects, people and financials in Spectrum or Vista. Sync some or all of that data into LaborChart with our integration process. This integration eliminates duplicate entry, streamlines your data and gives you the most up-to-date information when managing your workforce in LaborChart.

Sync your project and financial data into LaborChart
Eliminate duplicate data entry between systems
Ensure data is up-to-date and accurate
Leverage real-time information to make better workforce decisions

Integrate Viewpoint data in less than five days*.

Integrating your Viewpoint and LaborChart data doesn’t have to be complicated. With our QuickConnect™ integration process, we can sync your data in as little as five days*.

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*Five-day integration timeline refers to five business days. Integration timeline is contingent on client availability, client responsiveness, quality of information provided and holiday schedules.

Learn how LaborChart can streamline your workforce management today.

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